Jan-Pro Northwest Enviroshield Product Video


A product video is one that explains and visually shows the product's tangible benefits. Product videos tend to emphasize a product's unique features but most importantly it shows how it solves problems. A good product video had engaging dialog and narration and is long enough to fully explain the product, but short enough to keep [...]

Paint Crafters: Mary Queen of Heaven Parish Project


We worked with Jen Goe of Paint Crafters to create this one of a kind project video for the restoration of the Mary Queen of Heaven Parish project. This project for them showcases their talent for restoration work. It had a ton of old architectural features that need life to be restored to it. Imagine [...]

Fluid Applied Roofing Spotlight


Jen Goe of Paint Crafters took advantage of one of our Spotlight Video promotions we had in November of 2019. The previous video for Paint Crafters garnered over 15,000 views in one month. Fluid Applied Roofing is a division of Paint Crafters and we wanted to create a similar video to highlight the benefits [...]

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