Project Description

If your prospects are on the verge of buying your product or service, they want to know that they are about to purchase something great. But they don’t want to hear it from you — you are the salesman. They want to hear it from someone that has used your product or booked your service. That is where customer testimonials come in. And to have them in video makes them even better.

This testimonial video for Alcobra was part of our testimonial spotlight special day. Crazy thing, COVID-19 came around the end of March, and then we had to close the studio for a short amount of time. But, once we were able to get back into the studio filming, we had Lisa from ModShop Girl come by to give one of the best testimonials we have had. And a bonus she was the first one to be filmed in our brand new studio space.

A great customer testimonial Video talks about the brand and their experience working with your company. They are the best for building brand trust and should be a part of every video marketing strategy.