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Social Media marketing today is all about content. You can never have enough. It is important to stay on top of mind with your customer. And you always want to make sure you stay visible.

Did you know social video can be a great way to capture your viewers’ attention? It’s because video is exactly the type of stuff that they want to see.

But, you can’t just go out and create a bunch of thousand-dollar videos every week. That would put you way over budget.

That’s why your goal should be to create a lot of short social media videos. Why? Because this strategy works great for social media. You can focus your strategy on videos that target specific parts of your business.

Don’t try to capture everything you do in one long video. Break it down into four or five videos. Just make sure to keep your audience engaged.

Social Media Statistics Every Business Should Know

Digital consumers using social media | 97 Percent
Watching videos online | 90 Percent
Watching vlogs (video blogs) | 41 Percent
U.S. adults (18+) using Facebook | 65 Percent

140+ Social Media Statistics that Matter in 2020

Social media statistics can be a great. They tell you how people are using each network. And sometimes they highlight new technologies and trends for you to try.

Check out all of Hootsuite’s social media stats

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