Spokane Falls Trout Unlimited: Waikiki Dairy Project


This video documents the Spokane Falls Chapter Trout Unlimited initial exploration of whether or not this private 44-acre property along the Little Spokane River next to Waikiki Springs is a candidate for restoration and reconnection for native Redband trout. Our initial work included electrofishing, collecting data, and samples for analysis, and genetics testing. The genetics [...]

Spokane Valley Chamber of Commerce: Annual Golf Tournament


We were out volunteering at the Spokane Valley Chamber of Commerce’s Annual Golf Tournament and while we were shuffling the sponsors and all their vast array of tents, chairs giveaways (beer?) we took the time to roll some b-roll and shoot some photos to aid in the promotion of this annually occurring event.

Spokane Riverkeeper Introduction


Spokane Riverkeeper is a guardian and advocate for the Spokane River and its watershed.  As an advocate, they work to protect the river’s ecological health, its aesthetic integrity, and the public uses. Most importantly they secure our river for future generations of the Spokane community. Ultimately the final goal is a fishable and swimmable Spokane [...]

Way of the Columbia: PBS Documentary Series


Way of the Columbia is a 13-episode documentary series created for PBS. The Series debuted on KSPS on April 1, 2017. This was researched, scripted, and shot entirely by CutBoard Studio between 2015-17. Way of the Columbia explored the vast geographic footprint of the Columbia Basin watershed. The watershed covers seven western states and [...]

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