Marketing Strategist.

Former San Francisco Hula Hoop Champion & Mustard-stained kid from that Clorox Ad.

I paired my BA Degree In Graphic Design from Chico State University with a Minor in Marketing. I’ve worked for agencies in Sacramento, San Francisco and Oakland. I’ve also worked in-house for larger companies like Crescent Jewelers and Jelly Belly, where I gained both experience and weight.

Bottom line: I love creative that generates results. Marketing channels evolve. Great ideas endure.




Below are a few of my favorite creative samples. If you’re looking for something specific, chances are I’ve done it. Just hit me up to see more.



Strategy-Focused Marketing.

By building a focused marketing strategy you are developing a long-term, forward-looking approach. By understanding the needs and wants of your customers you can develop a “game plan” with the goal of achieving a competitive advantage in the market.

Advertising & Marketing 95%
B2B and B2C 95%
Inside and Outside Sales 90%
Copywriting 90%
Social Media Marketing 85%
Traditional Marketing 100%
Creative Direction & Strategy 100%



Tom Bross was, and is both creative and focused on accomplishing business objectives that benefit all stakeholders within the company he works for. His dedication to detail and follow-through allow him to continue producing some of the most creative and response-driven advertising and marketing available regardless of budgets and time constraints.

Arthur Tschopp, Listrak

It’s rare that you come across standout talent like Tom. I have had the honor of working with Tom off and on for the past 12 years first at CYMA (Concorde & YTI Marketing and Advertising) and most recently as a consultant with CutBoard Studio. I am always in awe of Tom’s creative abilities—he is willing to do whatever it takes to pull the job off. No matter the situation not only does he keep calm, but his creative ideas also produce reliable results. As a team member or a leader, Tom earns my highest recommendation.

Tanya Klumb, Creative Director
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