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Meet Your New Best Friends, The Creatives.

Aaron Nepean
Aaron NepeanFounder, Producer
A graduate of Central Valley High school in 2001 Aaron was a part of the AV club, ASB, and an Eagle Scout. During high school, he worked alongside Bob Asbury editing the FOX TV series “Columbia Country”. He continued to study at Eastern Washington University.

Aaron founded CutBoard Studio in 2014 after working for multiple marketing agencies and in-house production with multiple companies in Spokane.

As the Producer, Aaron is the one CutBoard turns to be behind the camera. But, he is also the Leonardo Da Vinci of Editing videos. It would be hard to find a better editor in Spokane.
Just don’t call on him to fix your printer problem.

Tanya Klumb
Tanya KlumbCreative Director
A graduate of University High school in 1997 Tanya was a part of the Yearbook staff, ASB, and a Gold Award-winning Girl Scout. During high school, she also won the “Gold Medal” in layout design from Herff Jones who prints all the Yearbooks for the western states and British Columbia. She continued her graphic design studies at Eastern Washington University.

Tanya joined CutBoard Studio in 2015 after returning to Spokane from Kansas City where she was working with one of the largest agencies in Kansas.

As the Creative Director Tanya is involved with keeping each and every project running smoothly. But she hasn’t forgotten her design roots and is the go-to for all things graphics, and more often than not she is the one fixing the printer and brewing the coffee.

Graphic Design
Project Management
Tom Bross
Tom BrossMarketing Strategist
1968 San Francisco Hula Hoop Champion

Tom paired his BA Degree in Graphic Design from Chico State University with Marketing minor.
He’s worked on the creative side for small, medium, and large advertising agencies in Sacramento, Oakland, and San Francisco. He’s also worked in-house for regional businesses like Kimmel Athletic and national companies like JellyBelly – where he gained a lot of experience and some weight.

Tom joined CutBoard Studio in 2018 after previously working with both Aaron and Tanya at a marketing agency in Spokane.

Upon Toms return to the now CutBoard team we are the dream team of creatives in Spokane.

Marketing Strategy

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