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Best Video Transfer Service in Spokane.

Digitize your analog film, tapes, and slides to digital.

It is important to protect and save your memories. We Professionally inspect every tape you give us and make sure it’s done right! We deliver your files to you on a USB or a Hard Drive. We no longer transfer to DVD or Blu-Ray disks. By using USBs or Hard Drives you can transfer the video files to your computer, make copies for the family, and even upload them to your favorite video-sharing site like YouTube.

How long does it take to transfer video?

Most transfer jobs can be completed in 1 month or less; depending on how much you bring in and how many transfers we have. CutBoard handles everything in-house. This means you don’t have to worry about shipping damage. And because we are a local Spokane company it is easy for us to make changes.

What kind of film or tape can CutBoard transfer to digital?

CutBoard can transfer your 8mm film, Super 8mm film, 8mm tapes, Hi8, DVCPro, MiniDV, Betamax, VHS, SVHS, VHS-C, Records, Cassette Tapes, Mini-Cassettes, 35mm film, and slides. Have a box full of stuff and you’re not sure what kind you have, bring it in and we’ll help you out.

I had all my old 8mm and mini8 put on to a hard drive. Haven’t been able to watch these for along time. CutBoard did a great job! Nothing was labeled but somehow put mostly in order. Highly recommend. I like they are local in Spokane, so I didn’t have to mail all my memories.

Patti Bingham-PryorPatti Bingham-Pryor, Transfer Services


My tape is stuck in the camcorder!

A lot of families have kept their camcorder around just to play their tapes. Things happen, power cords are lost, tapes get jammed, stuck, or even broken. We’ve seen it, and we can help.

Do you ship anything out?

Short Answer. No.

Long answer

We never ever ship anything out. We are located in Spokane and will coordinate pick up and delivery with you. We can meet at our studio or your local Starbucks.

Prices for each type of media are listed below. The minimum charge for each transfer job is $50.

8mm Film

8MM Film

8mm film is a motion picture film format in which the film strip is eight millimeters wide. Don’t let your family memories gather dust in the garage when they could be shared with everyone.

Price per reel size

  • 3 inch — $25
  • 5 inch — $100
  • 7 inch — $200
Super 8 Film

Super-8 Film

Released in 1965, Super-8 film was quickly adopted by the amateur film-maker. Use our fast, safe, high quality digital transfer service to bring them back to life and enjoy them with your family for years to come.

Price per reel size

  • 3 inch — $25
  • 5 inch — $100
  • 7 inch — $200
8MM Tape

8MM Tape

Released in 1985, the Sony Handycam, one of the first Video8 cameras. Much smaller than VHS and Betamax video cameras, Video8 became very popular in the consumer camcorder market.

Price per length

  • 60 minutes — $25
  • 120 minutes — $50

VHS Tapes

The Video Home System (VHS) released in 1976. An outdated format that is becoming unplayable. VHS cassettes are’t obsolete yet, but physically they aren’t good stewards for your home movies.

Price per length

  • 60 minutes — $25
  • 120 minutes — $50

Super VHS Tapes

Super VHS, is an improved version of the VHS standard for consumer-level video recording. Japan introduced S-VHS in 1987. Consumer S-VHS VCRs may still available, but difficult to find in retail outlets.

Price per length

  • 60 minutes — $25
  • 120 minutes — $50


Released in 1975, Betamax is a consumer-level analog-recording and cassette format of magnetic tape for video. Betamax tapes suffer over time with noticeable image loss after just 5 years.

Price per length

  • 30 minutes — $25
  • 60 minutes — $50


VHS-C is the compact VHS videocassette format, introduced in 1982, and used primarily for consumer-grade compact analog recording camcorders.

Price per length

  • 30 minutes — $25
  • 60 minutes — $50


Short for high-band Video8. Like S-VHS, Hi8 uses improved recorder electronics and formulation to increase the bandwidth of the luminance signal.

Price per length

  • 60 minutes — $30
  • 120 minutes — $60


DVCPRO, also known as DVCPRO25, is a variation of DV developed by Panasonic and introduced in 1995 for use in electronic news gathering (ENG) equipment.

Price per length

  • 60 minutes — $45
  • 120 minutes — $90


Small cassettes, also known as S-size or MiniDV cassettes, had been intended for amateur use, but have become accepted in professional productions as well.

Price per length

  • 60 minutes — $25
  • 120 minutes — $50
Negatives and Slides

35MM Negatives & Slides

We take your old negatives and slides, and convert them into a lasting digital format that you can store and preserve safely and easily.


$1 for each slide or 35mm negative, minimum charge of $50.

Vinyl Records and Cassette Tapes

We can digitize vinyl records, LP records, compact cassettes and microcassettes. Once we digitize them we provide them to you in an .mp3 format.

Fill out the Form below for an estimate.

Transfer to USB (Flash Drive) or a Hard Drive

Bring Your Own

  • Hard Drive
  • USB
  • Digital Download (1 Week)

Buy One of Ours

$25starting at
  • $25 — 32 GB USB
  • $100 — 1 TB Hard Drive
  • 5 TB Hard Drive (Special Order)

Request an estimate for your digital transfers

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Restore Your Box of Memories with Digital Transfers

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I have a problem. I’m a junkie. A photographic junkie that is. I take too many pictures. I have so many photo albums now that I’ve run out of space to display them. I don’t exactly know when the problem began. As a kid, I could care less about documenting and preserving our family history. But as an adult, I’ve come to realize that this [...]

Frequently asked questions about our Digital Transfer Service.

Can you transfer 8mm film to DVD?2021-10-14T20:16:32+00:00

We specialize in this type of film transfer to a USB or Hard Drive. We are no longer offering the outdated DVD option.

Can you transfer Hi-8 to DVD?2021-10-14T20:19:58+00:00

Hi-8 is yet another format in the 8mm family. We can transfer it to a USB or Hard Drive. We are no longer offering the outdated DVD option.

Why are your costs so low?2020-09-25T20:41:28+00:00

First, we don’t ship anything out. Secondly, CutBoard Studio primarily works with businesses on video production. Transfering film and tape to digital is something we are able to work on when we are editing commercials. So, we pass the savings off to you.

Can you copy Betamax to DVD?2021-10-14T20:09:22+00:00

Yes. This is basically the same as BETA (also called consumer BETA). We can help you with getting your old Betamax tapes transferred to you on a USB or Hard Drive. We are no longer offering the outdated DVD option.

Can you transfer 8mm to DVD?2020-09-20T22:53:11+00:00

Yes, we can! CutBoard has the right equipment to guarantee a successful outcome. Once we capture your video we transfer to a DVD or an MP4.

Can you transfer Video from a SD Card?2021-10-14T20:05:37+00:00

Absolutely! Digital SD cards were very popular for digital cameras. All transfers are now delivered back to you on a USB or Hard Drive for your secure backup.

Can you transfer VHS to DVD?2020-09-18T22:48:42+00:00

Yes, we can! And if some of your VHS tapes have become damaged don’t worry. We know how to repair them so we can get your old video onto DVDs for good!

Can you transfer Video from a Camcorder?2021-10-14T20:07:49+00:00

Yes, we can! If your camcorder still plays your tapes, or if you have a mini-disc or hard drive in your camera we can transfer that video content to you on a USB or Hard Drive. Just bring it in and we can see what we can do.

Can you transfer S-VHS to DVD?2020-09-20T22:51:13+00:00

Yes, we can! Many of the older and “experimental” formats used equipment that may or may not be readily available these days. At CutBoard we make it our business to have the right equipment so you can transfer your precious video to a contemporary format like DVDs.

Can you help me do it myself?2020-09-25T20:48:43+00:00

We don’t have the equipment set up for self-serve transfers. If you are looking to transfer your own we recommend working with the Spokane County Library District. The SCLD has a service called Project Memory at their North Spokane and Valley Libraries. They have the tools and the equipment to help you self-transfer a majority of formats. Make sure you book an appointment with a librarian to learn how to use the equipment.

Can you help me put a video on YouTube?2020-09-20T22:49:37+00:00

Yes, we can! YouTube has certainly changed how we share our lives with the world! You can even keep a video private, and share the links with just your family and friends.

Can you transfer VHS-C to DVD?2020-09-20T22:46:14+00:00

Yes, we can! VHS-C is the compact form of VHS that was popular for a short time.

Can you transfer MiniDV to DVD?2021-10-14T20:17:46+00:00

We specialize in this. Bring us your MiniDV (Digital Video) cassettes and we will transfer your MiniDV to a USB or Hard Drive. We are no longer offering the outdated DVD option.

Can you transfer DVD to Video?2020-09-20T22:47:52+00:00

Yes, we can take your DVD and copy it, transfer it and edit it! Need help putting it on your website or YouTube? We got that covered as well.

Can you transfer Super-8 to DVD?2021-10-14T20:10:52+00:00

We can transfer Super-8 film to you on a USB or Hard Drive. We are no longer offering the outdated DVD option.

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