Shot on location, Way of the Columbia explores the vast geographic footprint of the Columbia Basin watershed which covers seven states and the Province of British Columbia. Exploring the vital environmental and resource issues facing the Pacific Northwest.

This series aired on multiple PBS stations throughout the northwest in 2017.

Whether it’s a reintroduction project into Cle Elum Lake, a fishing derby in the Hanford Reach, a habitat restoration project on Hangman Creek, a pack trip into the Bob Marshall Wilderness, each of the 13 episodes featured the connections between a wide assortment of projects.

Below are a few of our favorite episodes.

Episode One: In 1992, one lone Sockeye Salmon returned to Redfish Lake, “Lonesome Lary.” Explore the efforts undertaken by the Idaho Fish and Game and the Shoshone-Bannock Tribe to restore this native species of fish in the Salmon River watershed.
Episode Three: Everyone has a part to play in the recovery efforts of the Spokane Redband. Way of the Columbia looks at projects undertaken by the Coeur d’Alene Tribe, Spokane Tribe, Trout Unlimted, Spokane River Keepers, and the many local volunteers.
Episode Eight: Way of the Columbia follows the Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife and Grant County PUD to see the multiple factors and efforts undertaken for Chinook Salmon in the mainstem of the Columbia River.
Episode Nine: Sockeye Salmon had been extirpated above Cle Elum Dam since its construction in 1907. 100 years later the Yakama Nations reintroduced these salmon above the dam. Way of the Columbia sheds light on this small team undertaking this important reintroduction.