Designer to Director.

For the past 20 years, I have been a part of various marketing teams and have worked with individual clients while freelancing. Because of this I have taken the best practices from both the agency side and the client-side and crafted the perfect blend as the Creative Director of CutBoard Studio. Although my jobs have shown me many different perspectives, in the end, what matters most is seeing the success of the team and ultimately the success of the client we are servicing.

Sometimes we can get focused on one aspect, one storyline. When in reality, the requirements to do the job effectively you must see the entire picture. It is a combination of efforts, and I am prepared for the unpredictable.

Within a creative team, it is important to be ready for that moment. You must have your tools ready to capture it.



Recent Projects.

Below are some of my favorite projects and awards. After 20 years, there are just too many to choose from.



Results-Driven Design.

It all starts with creativity. A great graphic designer must be imaginative and they must be able to apply that imagination into their work.  But imagination isn’t the only thing that sets a designer apart. I find that consistency and problem solving are two of the most important elements of great design. Because if we aren’t solving the problem then the design is pointless.

And in order to solve problems, you have to understand the tools that help you with the solution. Designers are known for underselling our skills and knowledge because we all know the job is to continuously be learning.

Here are a few of the skills I am most proficient with.

Branding & Marketing 98%
InDesign 100%
PhotoShop & Lightroom 95%
Illustrator 95%
Wordpress & CMS 85%
Copywriting 90%



Tanya is one of those rare Art Directors who has a well-grounded business sense. She not only knows how to make things look good, she knows how to make them work. And, she also knows how to understand what a business truly wants so that she can style her designs to the bottom line needs of the company.”

Tom Garrett, Concorde Career Colleges, Inc.

“I worked with Tanya at Keypath education, she was lead creative for one of our large accounts and did a fantastic job. She worked great with the corporate client and offered wonderful support to all the campus locations and their specific needs within our campaigns. Tanya established process and streamlined requests, she is extremely creative, detail-oriented, organized, a team player, and a pleasure to work with. What’s not to love.”

Jamie Schatz, Keypath Education
“Tanya is a detailed oriented and skilled professional. The Projects I asked of her were done very timely and always met my expectations. She was very good at taking my vision and creating it.”
Bill Richardson, Concorde Career Colleges, Inc.
“Tanya was so great to work with. Not only were her graphic design skills amazing, but she was also very quick and organized. She could turn around projects in a timely and yet competent manner. Her sense of humor and her incredible work ethic make her a prime candidate for any job. I can’t recommend her enough!”
Britt Scott, Independent Publishing
“Tanya is the most multi-talented graphic designer/stylist/copywriter I have ever worked with. In addition to the skills you would expect in a graphic designer; in-depth understanding of software, printing press knowledge, typography, layout, identity, etc… Tanya also has great organizational skills, listening skills, and writing talent. Tanya’s greatest skill might be her willingness to learn and grow which makes her the perfect communications specialist to work with.”
Tom Bross, Kimmel Athletic

“I highly recommend Tanya as a talented, professional, and personable graphic design artist. She comes up with great ideas and works well in a team environment. She is calm under deadline pressure and truly a pleasure to work with.”

Holly Soptick, Keypath Education


Fiercely Passionate.

I started my career with a local print shop. Because of this, you will find I’m fiercely passionate about all things in the print world. Have you ever smelled paper? I have.

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