Let’s Get Candid About Marketing vs Advertising

Advertising & Marketing are two terms that are often lumped together creating confusion as to what either one actually means. They are not the same. You also often hear the term sales and marketing, which blurs the definition of both even more. At Cutboard we define these three terms as follows…

Marketing implies STRATEGY.

It’s the roadmap for getting from point A to point B as efficiently as possible. Advertising is simply one of several marketing tools. Sales refer to units sold or services rendered. Increasing sales is generally the goal of all marketing. Advertising with no marketing plan applied is equivalent to a simple OPEN sign hanging on the door of – let’s say an antique shop. When you add strategy to the door sign, you might get something like LOCAL ODDITIES YOU HAVE TO SEE TO BELIEVE.

Here’s my favorite marketing analogy…

Picture a hitchhiker on the side of a foggy road with a sign that says, PORTLAND. Okay, that’s advertising. Now let’s apply some STRATEGY to that….

Now picture the same hitchhiker on the same side of the foggy road with a sign that says, GRANDMA’S HOUSE for DINNER in Portland. This is marketing. Notice how by applying STRATEGY is more likely to deliver the end result faster. Instead of just delivering cold hard facts – advertising – there’s some psychology – or strategy to convince you into taking action. Marketing is a strategy, the strategy is marketing.

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