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Here’s what the stations don’t want you to find out. #1 a free TV commercial really doesn’t exist … learn how the local stations pull a bait and switch on businesses like yours.

Never put all your media dollars into one basket.

Let’s face it. Marketing is not an exact science. Reaching your audience in the most cost-efficient way requires testing, practice and patience. The world is fluid. The people who were here last month have migrated somewhere else. No need to panic. With the right strategic media plan, you can test various channels to determine which one works the best for you. And, by optimizing your plan regularly, you can stay in front of your audience and build your brand.

The Wolf in Sheep’s Clothing … don’t be the prey.

Unfortunately, sales reps from our local TV and Radio stations in Spokane can prey on businesses like yours. They’ll present compelling data designed to convince you that their station alone deserves your ENTIRE media budget. It is their goal tell you everything you want to hear to close the deal. And if your commercials don’t perform as well as you had hoped, they’ll ask you for more money saying it’s only a matter of time before your sales will spike.

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We had a client come to us to create a commercial for the Garland Theater. One of those commercials before the movie previews. On the surface it was a great deal! The theater had all the stats of ticket sales and reach and really the price to run the commercial really wasn’t expensive. But any amount of money you use towards the wrong audience is like flushing cash down the drain. In the end, our client didn’t run a commercial … and we didn’t get to make one.

Free TV Commercials with KHQ, KXLY, KREM … FOX?

Here’s where the stations get a little tricky. Yes, technically the commercial they make for you on their station is free or done at a reduced cost. Why? Because you are going to spend so much more with them on the media buy. But what if you want to run the same commercial at a different station? Well, they’ll tell you it’s a bad idea to spread your budget, that repetition and impressions are the key. Even if you put your foot down, and insist on trying another station, you’ll be informed that all the footage they filmed is missing, that you’re stuck with the commercial ‘as is’ and it can’t be easily reformatted it for other stations. CutBoard has been there with clients trying to get the assets from the stations, agencies, or other production studios… and sadly it isn’t fun or free.


CutBoard is your “warehouse” for creative. We “ship” commercials directly to the stations.

When you put all your media dollars into one basket you forfeit the flexibility to pick, test, and locate the best-performing methods to reach your audience. Plus, you leave a ton of valuable data regarding your target audience on the table. That’s why it makes sense NOT to have a TV or RADIO station produce your “free tv commercial” creative and control your media dollars. There’s a better way…


Content is king … and it belongs to you.

Find an advertising agency or studio that has samples of top-notch commercials, understands your goals, your brand, and your audience. Let them produce your commercials and if they have demonstrated expertise in media buying as well, then go with them. If media buying isn’t a part of their service then, seek a media buying company or hire a freelance buyer with an excellent track record. Either way, you’ll be free to run your commercials in different places and track which ones work best for you. Now you can shift dollars around and spend more in the places that are performing well.


Pick a full-service agency like CutBoard who has high-quality in-house production AND offers strategic media plans that can be tailored and optimized.

This gives us and you the opportunity to find the most cost-effective way to reach your audience. One of our media partners, Media Matters Worldwide, is the winner of the prestigious Hal Riney Big Star Awards, Boutique Agency of the Year for both 2018 and 2019. We can leverage their buying power on your behalf and with laser-like focus, they’ll find the perfect place for your messages to run.


We like to let our work speak for itself

It’s your business. Stay in control of your media budget and never put it all into just one basket.

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