At CutBoard, we like to be open, honest, and frank. While our goal is to create content for clients, we also like to teach. Client or not, you should walk away having learned something new you can use. That being said, welcome to “Let’s get candid with color”.

Have you heard 2020’s color of the year is Classic Blue?

Color trends come and go. I was studying design in college when Pantone started releasing color of the year in 2000. So, I get a little giddy when the announcement is made each year. Except for 2016, when they tried to give us two.

Color is often called the “silent salesperson” because how it can immediately attract the customer’s eye, convey what the product is, provide a brand identity, and most importantly help make the sale.

Have you ever wondered why most fast food incorporates yellow and red? Red tends to increase your blood pressure and your flow of adrenaline and yellow is cheerful and energetic, and it comes with a bonus as our eyes tend to see yellow before any other color. Happy, Fast, Food.

So why should you care about what you choose for your brand?

If you are launching a new business or re-branding your current business, it’s always a good idea to consult the stars.

No, not those kinds of stars … but designers who have an innate passion for color.

Because if you pick the wrong one you may be sending the wrong message.

Hope you enjoyed this week’s moment of candor. If you’d like to speak to us about your branding or design needs, schedule our absolutely free consultation.

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