About Tanya Klumb

For the past 15 years, I have been a part of various marketing teams and working with individual clients. Because of this I have taken the best practices from both the agency side and the client-side and crafted the perfect blend as the Creative Director of CutBoard Studio. Although my jobs have shown me many different perspectives, in the end, what matters most is seeing the success of the team and ultimately the success of the client we are servicing. Sometimes we can get focused on one aspect, one story line. When in reality, the requirements to do the job effectively you must see the entire picture. It is a combination of efforts, and I am prepared for the unpredictable. Within a creative team, it is important to be ready for that moment. You must have your tools ready to capture it.

Your Lucky Charm to Help Develop Your Brand & Marketing Strategy

Do you remember Purple Horseshoes? They weren’t always part of the mix [...]

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