As a small business owner, you’re probably aware that your customers prefer video over all other content. You know video can help improve SEO, capture leads, engage your customers, and convert sales. But video can be expensive, so you want to keep costs as low as possible. Why not start creating one of the 5 videos every business should have?

Just remember, in today’s world of short attention spans and fast burn rates, it’s better to produce a series of short videos rather than one long one.

Here’s a list of the five most important videos every small business should have and why.

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Company Mission Statement Video

This is a no brainer and maybe you already have one because, in order to promote your business, you need to tell your brand story. A brand video is the best way to share your company’s mission and your founding story. This is where you introduce your viewers to the WHY you’re in business; you offer a unique solution, you have a better product, you’re out to make a difference, or you’re part of a multi-generation business. This is the best way for customers to get to know you and it should be posted on your website and shared periodically on your social accounts an email marketing campaigns. You can also run it as a video ad to attract new viewers, use it in email marketing campaigns. Without one of these, you’re missing the chance to differentiate your business.

Product/Service Video

Another essential video for your small business is the product or service video, like this one for JAN-PRO. If you only sell one product, this should come easily. If you sell multiple products, pick your top seller or one you want to promote and dedicate a video solely to that one item. The purpose of this type of video is to engage online visitors and nurture prospective clients by summarizing how your product or service works. A product video is a vital part of your sales funnels and great for explaining how your product works on your Amazon or Shopify pages, as well as your website and social media pages.

Customer Testimonial Videos

We live in a 5-star rating society. What customers have to say about your business trumps what you have to say. Because video is the most influential medium, it’s the best way to share positive experiences and reviews. If your business is still ramping up its brand or has to compete against larger, more established companies, your customer testimonials are crucial. They have the power to move leads from the consideration to the decision phase.

Customer testimonials can take on several looks: a spotlight video is about how your company solved a customer’s problem; they can be a before and after story, or they can be an event video where you capture real-time reactions from fans who want to gush about your business on camera. Likes attract likes. When people see how your product or services helped someone they can identify with, they’re likely to seek the same results for themselves. Check out a couple of spotlight videos we created for Alcobra.

Tips & Tricks Video

These types of videos usually come after you’ve created the videos above. They’re great for providing additional value to move customers through the marketing funnel. By offering insider-style information on the best ways to use your product, you build trust, loyalty, and repeat customers. These videos can be entertaining, educational, or thought-provoking. Either way, they add value to your customers and position your company as a leader.

Thank You Video

Small businesses like yours thrive by building strong customer relationships. One of the best ways to make that happen is with a thank you video with a personal touch. When you take the time to sincerely thank customers for sharing their stories for their on-going loyalty; you’re turning one-time sales into life-long sales. Keeping customers happy after the sale goes a long way.

Are you ready to create one of the 5 Videos Every Business Should Have?

The days of creating a single explainer video for your homepage are gone. While you should still definitely do that, you’ll need additional content as well. Content lifecycles will continue to get shorter and shorter and so will the attention span of your audience. A video content strategy that includes various focused messages across multiple platforms is going to be much more effective in bonding your customers to your brand. The more planned out and consistent they feel in terms of production value, the more cohesive your brand will be. The impact of shorter, specialized messages will be greater than the impact of one, long comprehensive video.

CutBoard works closely with each small business to develop a customized strategy. We test our concepts for traction on a small scale before crafting final projects. This helps ensure we create on-target messaging while saving our clients time, resources, and money.

Are you looking to create one of these videos that every business should have?

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