As a documentary-style marketing company, we rarely write scripts. But for some videos, a script is needed.

For those videos, you have to know how to write one. These are a few things we suggest.

  1. What are your goals
  2. Create a story arc
  3. Decide the call to action
  4. KISS (Keep it simple silly)
  5. Choose the right tone
  6. Read it out loud

It’s smart to start with an outline of goals. These are a few of the questions we ask.

  • Why do you want to tell this story? 
  • What is the unique angle? 
  • Who is the audience? 
  • Will they care? 
  • What can this provide them?
  • What should they take away from it?

Keep your answers short and brief. This will help you to find out your needs and not just your wants.

The most common problem is a lack of a story. The story is the key. Whether you’re creating brand videos or commercials, make sure you have one. Stories are remembered.

Next, you need to decide what action you want them to take after watching the video. This is called a call to action. It can be a logo, a phone number, or getting involved. Think about these options:

  • Share the video?
  • Sign up for a demo?
  • Subscribe to your newsletter?
  • Download a report?
  • Get involved?

Most of all, keep it simple. Once you have finished your script, it’s time to take the hacksaw to it and rip it to shreds. Cut, cut, and more cutting. We’ve got an extra delete key if you want to borrow one? 

Take out all the words like “exciting” or “best”. Remove any complicated or long words. Keep everything short and to the point. A video script is not a novel. 

Watch your tone. Is it serious, funny, or quirky? These all relate to your goals and how you want your brand perceived. 

And at last, read it out loud. You need to be aware of how the voiceover is going to sound. 

If you can, try to make sure you run it by a few others to see if they get hung up or have any questions. An outside eye never hurts. 

And most importantly don’t take anything personally.

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