This is one question we get often: “Do you shoot in 4k?” often paired with “What camera do you use?”

Just like in neighborhoods, production companies are always trying to “keep up with the Jones’s, or Spielberg’s”. Camera equipment can get very spendy. Some production studios even list their “gear” on their website. How many 4k cameras do you have?

Now unless you are looking to produce feature films, that gross 100,000’s or Millions of dollars spending $60,000+ on a camera body and near the same price per lens it is a little overboard.

If you think about it, a restaurant’s most profitable item is their drinks. A bottle of wine may cost them $12, and they turn around and charge $12 per glass, making $36 of profit. How much will a studio charge for a video if their equipment costs are more than your house?

There has never been a better time to get out and just say something. We are all looking for a connection, something to bring us together.

If you are new to video, now is a great time to give it a try.

Anyone sharing video content right now is doing it without a studio, expensive equipment or even a production crew to bring it all together. It’s just too risky right now for all of us to get together to produce content (Although, it’s one of our favorite parts of running a studio).

What is more important than worrying about 4k video is your audio. With the increase of telecommuting or working from home (WFH), more videos are being consumed with the sound on. This change is important because now your audience is listening to your videos.

Instead of focusing on 4K video think about Audio.


With more people watching videos from home, with the sound on, make sure you are carefully watching your language. Yes, some corporate cultures have led to some edgy production … but remember little ears could now be listening in now.

As we are all being called to #flattenthecurve we are shifting more to our digital devices for entertainment. If your videos fill a need for people (whether that’s informing or entertaining), now is the time to share them.

This also means that your video could be longer than the typical recommendations. People are spending more time, have more time, and are pining for a human connection.

Don’t be afraid to connect with people using video. It’s the closest we are going to be with each other for a while. And real life is a win for nearly every situation.

What do you want to say? Now go say it.

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