Audio is one of those things that gets overlooked all the time. It’s also one of the most common reasons you stop watching a video. When I personally run across this my thinking is either I don’t trust this person because they can’t even get audio right, or they didn’t care how it sounded, So, why should I listen?

Acceptable audio is the goal.

That doesn’t mean you need studio quality. Most viewers of social content will be watching on their phones, and as we all know the speaker sucks. Garbage in garbage out applies here with the added stink of that crap speaker, however acceptable and studio-quality will sound relatively the same.

So, how can you achieve acceptable audio?

Consider your location. A room with soft surfaces such as carpet and drapes is better than one with hard surfaces.

What are the chances of interuption? Crying babies and barking dogs will completely steal the show. If you’re shooting outside you have planes, trains, automobiles, and don’t forget the wind.

One of the best ways to isolate your voice is to record with a lav mic.

That’s one of those mics you see the newscasters wearing on their shirt.

You can actually get one of these for your phone for less than $30. This isn’t a pro lav mic but they sound pretty good.

I should probably mention that the distance from the mic also makes a huge difference. Closer is better, but too close can sound creepy. Test your sound and figure out what works best for you and hopefully, this will keep people watching your content.

Hope you enjoyed this week’s moment of candor. If you’d like to speak to us about your production needs, schedule our absolutely free consultation.

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