What’s the one thing that really defines Spokane?

Many things come to mind, but at the top of most lists, the answer is; our river. You know the one. It meanders directly through the heart of our town, cascading below scenic bridges and uniting us with a sense of awe. It’s the hub for our parks, hiking, and biking trails. It’s our greenbelt that provides a constant connection to nature. The Spokane River is at the very core of our identity because it enriches our quality of life. It’s part of what makes Spokane and living in the Pacific Northwest so great.

When it comes to supporting a local non-profit organization, CutBoard Studio settled on Spokane Riverkeeper. Starting in 2014 CutBoard Studio has supported this worthy cause by donating design services and video production. Riverkeeper has many stories to tell in their mission to educate, collaborate and sometimes litigate on behalf of our most precious resource.

“We’ve helped Riverkeeper package their stores into videos that inform and unify our community about the vital importance of protecting and preserving our river. Our videos have shed light on the issues confronting our river. Helping Riverkeeper reach people with impactful videos motivates volunteers and inspires donors to contribute to their cause. In the process of collaboration, we get to meet other people and businesses that share our environmental concerns and care about the river as much as we do.” Tanya Klumb, Creative Director & Co-founder, CutBoard Studio.

Aaron Nepean, Director of Photography & Co-founder adds, “Our roots to the rivers and resources in our area run deep. CutBoard Studio created a thirteen-episode PBS series entitled, Way of the Columbia that aired in 2017. Partnering with a great organization like the Riverkeeper aligns perfectly with our appreciation for nature and our desire to preserve it for future generations.”

For the last couple of months, CutBoard has been shooting vignettes of Spokane business owners who support the Spokane Riverkeeper for their Annual Fundraiser and Auction, which takes place on Friday, November 5th from 7-8 p.m. at Hamilton Studio (limited availability) and will also be live-streamed.

Visit spokenriver.com for more information about this event. Or donate directly by visiting spokaneriverkeeper.org.

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