By creating one video that addressing a pain point your audience struggles with, or a covering a topic they’d be interested in you can end up with a month worth of social content for your marketing.

You know, and we know that social media has become one of the cheapest and best forms of word-of-mouth marketing today.

Staying active on social media and running a business can take tons of hours. Where are you going to find the time?

Video. One video to be exact.

You can create loads of content from just one video.

Where to Start

First, you’ll need to make one video addressing a pain point your audience struggles with, or a covering a topic they’d be interested in. For instance, if you own a local craft brewery, you could create a video teaching viewers how to use fresh hops like a master brewer.

TIP: Try to keep the video between 3–5 minutes in length.

Table of Contents

1. Post the video across your social media channels.

Next, take the video and publish it across your social media channels as a native video — from Facebook to LinkedIn to YouTube. This will expand the organic reach the video receives on each individual platform, given that social media algorithms prioritize original content over external links to different sites.

TIP: Make sure you are not posting a link to your YouTube video on Facebook.


2. Break it down into separate videos for Instagram.

On Instagram, the platform still only allows videos to be 60 seconds in length. Because of this, chop up the video into shorter clips, you could get 3–5 additional mini-videos from your video.

TIP: Publish the entire video to IGTV, and provide the YouTube link in your Instagram bio.


3. Create a blog post on the same topic.

You can increase your SEO (Search Engine Optimization) value from the video by writing a blog post on the same exact topic covered in your original video. Then, publish the post on your website, on Medium, and on LinkedIn. Also, be sure to embed the original video in your blog post. Now your readers can watch it directly on the page.

TIP: It may be easier for you to write a blog post first … then you have a mini script to follow for your video.


4. Create an email newsletter driving traffic to your blog post.

After that, you can send a newsletter to your subscribers directing them to read the new blog post — helping to increase the sets of eyes on your content.

TIP: Export engaging still photos from the video to include within the email.


5. Publish quotes as tweets.

Take the “mic drop moments” from your video and create quote tweets linking back to the original video. This will help reel in Twitter users and increase the chances they’ll click through to watch and share your video. Given how fast-moving and fleeting the nature of Twitter is, you can publish anywhere from a dozen quote tweets to 30 tweets or more during the weeks after you initially release the video.

TIP: Take the “best of the best” quotes, and turn them into images/text videos. Create a standard template or use still photos from the video. Post them on Instagram & Facebook.


6. Create an infographic.

Lastly, create a helpful, shareable infographic based on the material covered in your video. If you don’t have a graphic designer CutBoard can customize one for you. Or, you can try using a free tool like Adobe® Spark. Spark has a few premade, high-quality infographic templates. Once you have created the infographic, publish it on Pinterest and Instagram for maximum impact.

TIP: Infographics are great for your blog, they increase shareability and may lead to potential backlinks to your site.


CutBoard understands that sometimes it can feel impossible to sustain an active online marketing presence and run your company. But as you can see from utilizing this 6-step social content strategy you can cut a few corners and save lots of time.

One video can go far … make it count!

Need help? CutBoard can tailor a package for you.

  • Need help creating the video, we can film that.
  • Have a video but need help with your blog, we can write that.
  • Want someone to deliver all the content to you? CutBoard is your creative team.

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